As part of a campaign to help promote tourism in California, Visit California asked Bob Burnquist to skate on a floating ramp for one of their commercials. Burnquist said yes and did them one better, he asked his own team to design and build the ramp. Led by professional skater Jeff King and production designer, Jerry Blohm, the project was constructed in Lake Tahoe and took 300 man hours, 1,250 screws and a lot of engineering to make it stable and ensure that it didn’t sink.

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After construction, the 7,300 lb ramp was towed out to a cove in Bliss State Park and anchored into place. Bob Burnquist came out to skate on it and shot a commercial for the Dream 365 Project through Visit California. Their goal was to show off the beautiful places to visit within the state, encourage more people to get outside and to inspire people to dream big. Seems like a successful campaign – sure makes us want to go visit Lake Tahoe.

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