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The ground floor of the apartment spans 40 square meters, which could easily be damaged should the canal waters creep inside. The team of designers, comprised of Gianmatteo Romegialli, Angela Maria Romegialli, and Erika Gaggia, evaluated sea level data from 1870 to 2000 and calculated the need for the concrete structure to rise 160 centimeters above its current level to protect the home’s interior.

Upon entering the space, one finds steps leading up to the rim of the entrance, as well as steps back down to a safe, 122 centimeter level in the living room. The bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are constructed at the maximum 160 centimeter level, as well.

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While safety is the number one priority in this space’s construction, the interior design is surprisingly quaint and inviting. Pleasant, white wood paneling can be found on the upper walls, while industrious concrete protects the lower walls in the living room area. The kitchen is bright and modern, with simplistic tiling that seems to elongate the space. Wooden paneling and a glass bookcase serve as a partition to the bedroom and sliding doors between the kitchen and bath provide the option for privacy or openness. Now, future residents can rest easily in a safe, secure, and stylish pad.

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Images via Marcello Mariana