Proctor & Gamble (P&G) – the largest consumer packaged goods company in the world – has just vowed to brush aside the greenwashing of its past in favor of a truly sustainable future. The mega company — which owns such brands as Tide, Crest, Secret Deodorants, Bounty Paper Towels and Eukaneuba pet food, to name a few — just announced its sustainability goals with an in-depth interactive website that shows consumers just where they plan to go. P&G has set goals to make all of their products 100% renewable energy, zero waste, zero pollution, and 100% recyclable , however they’ve not set a single date. So, are they serious – or is this all talk and no planned action?

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We developed this vision over the course of a year, partnering with external experts and soliciting input from hundreds of P&G employees at all levels and functions,” said P&G on their website. The company’s announcement comes with few specifics of actionable plans for products and is completely devoid of a timeline. Though we desperately would like to believe that P&G, with all of their reach into the consumer world, is serious about this mission we’re going to have to wait to see these goals become real world changes.

To P&G’s credit they have made some small changes in their products already that are truly sustainable — like Pantene’s sugarcane packaging and Secret’s all natural deodorant — but they’ve been caught for some serious greenwashing in the past — like concentrating their detergent and calling it green but refusing to remove the toxic chemicals it contains that could cause cancer. We’ll have to sit on our heels on this one, only time will tell if P&G’s big talk becomes big game.

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