Taiwanese green design firm Miniwiz is back at it again with the launch of their newest line of sleek, and “trashy” iPhone cases made entirely from, you guessed it, recycled waste. Akin to their line of mobile wind generators and various architectural innovations, Miniwiz has once again struck the perfect balance between form, function, and sustainable sourcing. As luck would have it, Inhabitat received a few of the first prototypes to play with – *ahem*, we mean test – and needless to say, this design won us over.

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The “Re-Case” is designed to give users full access to every last port and button of the iPhone while simultaneously adding a few extra perks, such as space to put an RFID card for quick swiping on the go. The case’s design features an asymmetrically layered face that gives the iPhone 4 a much needed three dimensional element without sacrificing its signature slimness.

A mix of post-agricultural rice husk, and post consumer plastics make up the case’s sturdy shell, and the incorporated plant fibers give the RE-case an addictively tactile texture that is hard to put down. A similar range of recycled composites that the Miniwiz team has deemed “Polliber” are actually used in their line of construction products! Needless to say, the case can withstand the occasional klutzy cell phone slip, keeping your beloved iPhone 4 safe and sound from lack of coordination and any other hazards it may encounter along the way.

The case comes in a completely biodegradable cardboard package that makes use of intelligent design to minimize any unnecessary waste. The RE-case is available in four different colors: opaque black or white, and translucent grey or brown, and adds that extra visual “umph” to the ever so trendily ubiquitous iPhone. For more information on how to get your hands on this (un)trashy wonder, visit the Miniwiz homepage!

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