Candles can transform nondescript spaces into soothing and romantic scenes, but they can also be a fire waiting to happen (considering 5% of all home fires are started by candles), and a smoky, waxy mess that lowers your indoor air quality. The LED candle lightis a product that provides the warm, flattering illumination of the real thing without the worry, smoke and carbon in the air, and unlike a wax candle, it can be reused almost ad infinitum. Even cooler, the latest version of the LED candle doesn’t even need to be turned on and off via a switch – to put out the light, just blow it out. We recently had the chance to test out this clever little gadget which sells for just $4.95 to see how well it could mimic real candlelight. Read on for our full review!

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We thought the LED candle light was a great idea even before we received it, because it gives people who otherwise would not be able to enjoy candles a safe, reusable alternative. If you have kids or pets, you might have packed away all of the candles you used to light out of fear that they would be knocked over the second you turned your back. But with the LED candle light, there’s nothing to worry about since it poses no threat of fire even if it falls off of a table. And if you ever wanted to throw a dinner party lit up with dozens of candles but were too afraid of your friends having a little too much wine, the LED candle light is a way to achieve the effect without the concern. And think about all of the other cool decor you can create with them that you would need a fire marshal present for with regular candles!

We were pleased to see that the LED candle light was delivered to us in minimal packaging (a small cardboard box), and required almost no setup. To activate the light, we simply pulled out the small plastic tab connected to the replaceable 3 AG13 – LR44 button cell batteries. The actual “candle” looks a lot like a real candle and is extremely light. A cylindrical frosted plastic holder is also included.

To turn the candle on, we blew on it once, and it immediately illuminated. The light emitted from the “flame” looks almost identical to a real candle and is warm and flattering. It even flickers slightly! The resemblance is so flawless that we were able to trick a few of our friends by touching the flame. Okay, a few of them were able to guess that it was an LED, but the others were shocked that we were magically immune to the heat.

The blow sensor mechanism works very well when the LED candle light is not in the plastic holder, but one downside we did notice is that when the candle is in the holder, it’s not quite as easy to blow out. It took us a few tries. However, you don’t have to use the holder if you prefer not to and there’s an alternate way to turn the candle on and off. Just tap it once on a hard surface to turn it on and again to turn it off. Pretty simple.

All in all, the LED candle light is a wonderful and much safer alternative to candles, especially if you have pets, kids or a clumsy significant other. At $4.95, it’s also affordable and the LED bulb is long-lasting so it can be used again and again. We also recommend this product to restaurant owners or event designers who want the lovely ambiance that candles provide without the liability.

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