The Progressive Auto X Prize has just announced the winners of its $10 million contest to design and build the world’s most efficient eco vehicle, and the grand prize goes to… Edison2 for their featherweight conventional car that runs on gasoline or ethanol! The runners-up were both electric vehicles, Li-Ion Motors Corp‘s Wave2, a two-seater that gets 187 miles per charge, and X-Tracer’s E-Tracer 7009, a 205-mile per charge “cabin motorcycle” mini-car.

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If you listen to NPR or geek out on green cars, you’ve almost certainly heard of the Auto X Prize, a race to build the most fuel-efficient, low-cost, production-ready vehicle. Edison2, which was the only entrant in the conventional vehicle category, took away half the $10 million prize for its $20,000 830-pound car. Li-Ion and X-Tracer’s entries split the remaining $5 million. The competition featured a number of grueling race-track trials.

Check out Inhabitat’s interview with Edison Chief of Design Ron Mathis.

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