What if a car’s body were a living, breathing thing? The Project Flake concept car by Da Feng reimagines a car exterior as a literal body with flexible scales that can separate to manage airflow and cooling, or act as hundreds of tiny air brakes and even provide downforce for the vehicle. We’ve seen several flexible car bodies on concepts in recent years, most notably BMW’s GINA concept car, and we love where this is going: the car body put to work as more than a beautiful shell. So how is this possible?

The concept behind Project Flake is essentially a puppeteering system that uses nano-tube cables and electromagnetic solenoids to track, adjust, and maximize the performance of the vehicle. Translation: cars of the future could turn into real-life Transformers. We can see this concept easily doing double-duty as a solar-powered generator as well, as the scales could track the sun for optimal power regeneration. What do you think of Project Flake? Far out there, or an idea worth pursuing?

+ Da Feng

Via Car Buzz