With one day left in the contest, Project H is in the lead to win $10,000 from Ideablob, but their lead is narrowing and THEY NEED YOUR VOTE! As we broadcasted last Monday, the product design nonprofit Project H Design is hoping to win the $10,000 to fund their Design For Education project in which they’re designing math toys for a school for the Kutamba School for AIDS orphans in Uganda. It’s becoming a closer and closer race by the minute, so please take 2 clicks of your mouse to vote for Project H (founded by Inhabitat’s own Emily Pilloton). Voting ends Tuesday night at 11:59 pm Central Time.


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The case study is the Kutamba School for AIDS orphans in Uganda, an Architecture for Humanity project, and the educational toy will be translated into a sister US retail product based on the same concept/system. View photos of the Kutamba school case study here. Project H Design is a global design nonprofit that believes design can change the world for the better.

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