Project Runway is my favorite reality show on TV, and here’s why: While most reality shows pit desperately unremarkable people against each other in questionable ‘skills’ such as bug-eating, trading spouses, or competing for the love of Brett Michaels, Project Runway is a show that is actually about talent. The designers who come on the show have real skills, and every season there are a few who are exceptionally talented and visionary. This current season of Project Runway, all of my bets are on eco-minded fashion designer Leanne Marshall, who is turning heads with her creatively structured, eco-chic couture.

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Despite my avid following of eco-fashion, I knew nothing about Leanne Marshall when I started watching Season 5 of Project Runway. My interest was immediately sparked, however, when the Portland based designer started talking about recycling textiles and her use of eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton in her designs. When I checked out her beautifully structured pieces at her website Leanimal, I was immediately hooked.

As season 5 of Project Runway has unfolded week by week, Leanne has consistently charmed viewers and wowed the judges with her impeccable tailoring, creatively structured garments, and thoughtful approach to each week’s contest. The Portland-based designer started the season off on somewhat shaky ground, but has quickly risen through the ranks to become the competition’s most promising designer, winning the last two challenges single-handedly. Leanne even had immunity from the previous week, and still managed to win last week’s Diane Von Furstenberg challenge, which is doubly impressive.

At this point in Season 5 of Project Runway, we are now down to eight contestants, and the competition is getting fierce. I have no doubt that Leanne will go to NY Fashion week (which is actually this week in NYC – how do they keep the winner a secret when there is a NYC fashion show involved?). Those of you who are interested in green fashion, now is the perfect time to start watching Project Runway, to support the eco-fashion ambitions of Leanne Marshall. Whether she wins Project Runway or not, this rising star is clearly one to watch. Go Leanimal!

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