There are very few LEED Platinum homes in the country, but Los Angeles seems to be amassing a small collection of homes which have received the coveted distinction of sustainable design. Following in the footsteps of Ray Kappe’s Living Homes design, Project7Ten is expected to receive its LEED Platinum rating upon completion in the fall. From FSC-certified lumber and locally-sourced interior materials to solar panels and greywater recycling, this gorgeous abode promises be quite the green machine.

The Los Angeles crowd has already shown interest in the new residence with celebrities including John Cusack, David Duchovny, Cindy Crawford, Toby McGuire, and Gabrielle Recce making an appearance at the Project7Ten opening event this past May. The brain child of developer Tom Schey and friend Kelly Meyer, along with help from award winning local Architect Melinda Gray, AIA , Project7Ten is bound to make the Hollywood crowd green with envy. But you don’t have to take our word for it; the house will be open to the public on the weekends late September through October. Just make your way to 710 Milwood Avenue, in Venice California.

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One may start to wonder if the designer’s took a cue from our Green Building 101 series, because they have included virtually everything we spotlighted as ways to make a home green. There’s a green roof, rainwater and greywater reclamation system, solar panels to power the home, locally-sourced sustainable materials are used throughout the home, and post consumer recycled products were used wherever possible, including the insulation in the walls and the countertops. All lumber for the project was specified to be FSC-certified, and the exterior landscape utilizes indigenous plants that will shade the home in the summer, while letting light in during the winter months.

Project7Ten will feature Energy Star appliances and Kohler water-efficient fixtures. There’s even a deal for the new home buyer that includes an 18-month least on a Ford Escape Hybrid, to ensure their doing the best to minimize their carbon footprint while outside the comforts of their incredibly green home.

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