Want to turn that pesky vacant lot into a pocket park but don’t know where to start? Projexity’s got you covered. Started by a group of Canadian architects, landscape architects and urban designers, Projexity is an online crowdsourcing platform that empowers everyday citizens to better our cities by taking the guesswork out of the often challenging urban improvement process.

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Launched in April 2013, Projexity can be likened to Kickstarter with a focus on urban development. The site, however, offers much more than your average crowdfunding platform. Marketing itself as a “one-stop shop,” Projexity wants to help communities take a project from start to finish by offering an easy-to-follow sequence of steps.

Here’s how it works: You post your great idea on Projexity’s website. The team at Projexity then designates you as the project leader and helps to fortify that awesome idea with guidance and resources before turning it over to the community for crowdfunding and crowdsourcing. The three major steps that follow are fundraising for the project, crowdsourcing the design ideas, and finally, getting locals to vote on which design they want implemented.

Projexity’s success also heavily depends on the project leader’s own efforts. Though the process is made significantly more transparent by Projexity, a motivated project leader who stays consistently involved is key to seeing the project through to final construction.

Thus far, Projexity has successfully crowdfunded a greening plan for South Philadelphia High School as well as a new public patio for Toronto’s Market 707, a shipping container food and retail market. Projexity is currently limited to projects in Canada and the United States, with hopes of expanding to more countries in the future.

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