A new silent alarm could make bicycle theft a thing of the past. The Cricket works in a similar way to standard security alarms, except it is combined with a free iPhone app. If anyone touches or moves your bike, the alarm is activated and a notification pops up on your phone. If the worst happens and your bike is actually stolen, Cricket can hunt down the bike using Bluetooth technology to ensure a swift recovery.

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This cool short film explains it all, but really the idea is simple – just attach the Cricket in a safe hidden place (under the saddle, for example) and as soon as your bike is securely locked up, activate it from your iPhone. If your bike gets stolen then you can use the device’s ultra modern element – the Cricket Cloud. You mark your bike as missing and each other Cricket user becomes an anonymous sensor, scanning for your cricket beacon.

This contemporary take on ‘neighborhood watch’ is a great element to the design, but also relies on a lot of people getting involved and using the Cricket. The design team is currently seeking support through their Indiegogo campaign; if they are successful, a community of anti-theft devices might be coming to a neighborhood near you!

+ The Cricket – Indiegogo Campaign

Images via Cricket