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Proto Homes‘ Founder and CEO Frank Vafaee combined his knowledge of architecture and construction with his desire to make modern architecture more affordable. An integral part of the company’s strategy lies in approaching the house as a product: “We wanted to rethink the way that homes are built,” explains Vafaee. “Consumers balance price against efficiency, performance and aesthetics with every purchase that they make and every product that they bring home. Proto Homes are built to hold up the same consideration. Unlike conventional structures, Proto Homes are perpetually modern. Rather than building in obsolescence, we build in adaptability. Our homes are truly built to evolve.”

Proto Homes “evolve” through a series of built components that are designed to adapt over time. Thanks to an innovative ProtoCore, upgrades can be easily made without tearing out any walls. The hybrid construction method blends on-site building with pre-designed components that translate to less waste, less cost, less time, and more volume for potential Proto homeowners. Additional sustainable elements featured in Proto Homes include a light-reflective “cool roof”, recyclable and reusable exterior metal eco-cladding, passive solar design, cross-ventilation through a series of strategically placed operable windows and doors, and a slew of green certified products used throughout the home’s interior.

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