The old saying goes “God created the world, but the Dutch created the Netherlands.” Now that global warming is starting to become a serious concern, this below-sea-level, man-made nation of dikes and levies is starting to feel the heat and plan for a wet future. Recently, we are starting to see a lot of Dutch designers churning out products that will help you stay afloat in the coming water-world. We mentioned Waterstudio’s floating houses last year, and now we’ve discovered some floating chairs to go with it! PS Lab’s ChairBag is an inflatable bean-bag chair turned buoy. This water resistant addition to any home will provide a safe floating haven when the North Sea breaks through the dikes or the ground sinks out from under your feet. It also looks like a lot of fun for kids, even when high and dry.

ChairBag’s creators, PS Lab, a Dutch design start-up, pay extra attention to the materiality of their products. In the case of the ChairBag, the rugged PVC material means you can leave your chair indoors or outside. While it’s waterproof exterior makes for a great floating device, it also means that the ChairBag will remain resilient to daily spills and makes for easy cleanup. When you’re on the go, the ChairBag can easily accommodate. Just pack it up and take it with you whenever you need it, or keep it in storage at home for those occasions when you can use an extra seat or two.