People are getting pretty creative these days creating homes from the oddest things. Take this one for example – a couple in Scarborough, Great Britain bought the lease for a public toilet house next to a beach, gutted it and turned it into their dream home with sprawling views of the sea. Now the lounge resides in the old Gents loo and the Ladies has become the master bedroom. The couple gets teased a bit for living in a loo, but as Miss Woodhouse, a new resident of the loo, says, “we now have a lovely little  house with a sea view that used to be a loo. We understand the amusement it causes. It tickles us, too.”

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The Victorian public WC was built over a century ago and served as the restroom for visitors to the Scarborough beach. During the war, the loo became an ammunition store and then in the 1990s served as a cafe for a short time before it was boarded up and left empty. The lease came up about five years ago when the couple, Tracy Woodhouse and her partner Graham Peck, bought the lease and started work transforming it into the cozy little one bedroom cottage it is now.

They contracted a local architect to design the transformation, with hopes of maintaining the original exterior. The entire building was gutted and the couple had to drastically update the plumbing, electrical lines and ventilation, shore up the oak beam ceiling with a steel girder, and add damp-proofing, insulation and gas underfloor heating. They added a few more windows and a patio door, and turned the Ladies room into the bedroom and the Gents into the living room. Now, the couple have many admirers of their seaside cottage with a view (that used to be a loo!).

Via Tiny House Blog and Mail Online