The Santa-Monica-based architecture firm, Pugh+Scarpa, has been integrating their environmental commitment into pristinely designed and constructed architecture since 1991. Among numerous stunning projects, the Solar Umbrella stands out, proudly donning its photovoltaic panels like a rebellious fashion statement forecasting a new trend. The Venice residence is home to founding architects Lawrence Scarpa and Angela Brooks.

The house is inspired by Paul Rudolph’s Umbrella House, which was built in Florida in the 1950s. In the Pugh+Scarpa version, solar panels form a canopy over the house and wrap the southern side, offering thermal protection and rendering the structure energy neutral. The design utilizes Homosote cabinet finishes, fiberboard flooring, and metal stud framing rather than wood. They also added a stormwater retention basin and xeriscaping to preserve local water resources, especially crucial in drought- and flood-prone L.A.

This is only one of many Pugh+Scarpa projects that incorporates sustainable design principles. If you want to know more, word has it that they will be featured today on Oprah, in conversation with avowed earth-lover, Leonardo DiCaprio. We all love the celebrity fanfare that is being so lavishly bestowed upon environmentalism these days. If you happen to have a moment to switch on the tube, I’m sure it’ll be an inspiring chat.