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Villafane is best known for his incredible zombie pumpkin carvings, which are intricately detailed down to rotting seed “teeth” and expertly detailed pumpkin flesh bodies. Already mastering the orange color palette, Villafane pushed his creativity by adding Hubbard squash to his repertoire. The traditional tear-shaped winter squash is known for its dark skin, which can range from varying colors of green to grays and even blues. Inside, the squash flesh gradates from green to the familiar orange of a pumpkin, and features a similar taste to the autumn classic when cooked.

As he has done with previous pumpkin carvings, Villafane and his team wowed audiences in Germany and Switzerland with his carved caricature sculptures of Hubbards and pumpkins. Joining the pumpkins, the carved faces in the Hubbards show a greater color range, enabling Villafane to consider the presence of color in his works for the first time.

The pumpkin and now Hubbard carving crew will carve its way to Hong Kong before returning to the New York Botanical Gardens later this month.

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