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Hoodlums will think twice before smashing Pumpktris, which glows thanks to 125 embedded LED lights, rather than a candle. Set to a Halloween-themed version of the ever infectious Tetris soundtrack, Nathan’s step-by-step tutorial takes you through transforming your regular pumpkin into a Jack-o’-lantern that all the nerds will be talking about for years to come.

Video game lovers can start out by scooping the requisite seeds and pumpkin guts, but instead of tracing on a spooky face, Pumpktris’s face is a grid of square and holes, which were created with a drill to ensure consistent size and spacing. The techie part comes with programming an LOLShield (LED Matrix) with the Tetris game, or to make your own LED Matrix—which is what Nathan did. He then wired each LED bulb externally so he could space them apart, filling in each hole of the grid.

A short-handled joystick was attached to the stem, which was cut off and reattached to ensure easy mobility when playing. The “joystem” moved the internal joystick, letting players move and contort the Tetris pieces, which lit up on the LED grid.

The Pumpktris may possibly be one of the coolest video games we’ve ever seen—but it’s also the only one with a perishable expiration date!

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