To help bring clean drinking water to the 780 million people who still go without, Pumpmakers developed the NSP Solar Pump, an inexpensive, maintenance-free water pump that can be manufactured locally anywhere in the world. Powered entirely by solar energy, it can extract water from as deep as 300 feet, it works even during cloudy days, and it features a hand crank that can be used at night. The best part is that the company offers free, easy-to-access construction plans and videos, which enables people to build their own solar pump completely unaided.

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Even though Pumpmakers already has one unsuccessful Indiegogo campaign to its name, their water pumps have been supplying the remote village Ndzofuine near Chidenguele in Mozambique with clean drinking water since 2012. With a capacity of up to 5,000 liters of water being pumped out from a depth of 262 feet each day, the system has been able to supply roughly 800 people with safe drinking water. As stated on their website, “It is an ideal solution for everyone who wants to become energy independent of electricity, save costs and improve the quality of life for others with a steady supply of water.”

The company was founded by Dietmar Stuck, an Austrian well builder with more than 10 years of experience who realized how ineffective current solutions were when he witnessed them firsthand in Africa. Pumpmakers are now trying to raise money via GoFundMe, while also working on a platform that will provide free access to construction plans and other resources to empower people in developing nations who want to build their own solar-powered water pumps.

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