While traveling through Zambia, Timothy Whitehead became perplexed with the issues surrounding purifying water — chlorine and iodine tablets abound, but it takes 30 minutes to finish the process and the water tastes terrible afterward. Enter his new invention, the Pure Water Bottle, which is capable of filtering soiled — completely gross and disgusting looking water — in 2 minutes flat. Whitehead used a combination of a 4 micron-sized water filter and a wind-up ultra violet light system to clean the water of 99.9% of its impurities.

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Whitehead’s Pure Water Bottle was just awarded a James Dyson Award in the UK and it is now being entered into the international design competition. The bottle is about the same shape as a regular water bottle and has an inner and outer chamber. To operate, fill the outer chamber with disgusting and undrinkable H2O, insert the inner chamber, turn the crank to activate the UV sterilization, and in 120 seconds you’ve got yourself some tasty purified water that won’t kill you or make you sick.

Whitehead’s water bottle could be an essential tool for people in developing nations, back country hikers and military forces in remote places. He’s engineered his prototype to not only be functional, but also to be ready for mass manufacturing. It has been 100% scientifically proven to filter water of 99.9% of contaminants and is ready for some big company to pick up the blueprints and start pumping them into the market. Whitehead’s Pure Water Bottle looks to be perfect for the shelves of outdoor stores as well as the small villages of Africa.

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