The Puri is unlike any other water bottle out there – it could save your life. Designed by Younsun Kim, Kangkyung Lee, Byungsoo Kim and Minji Kim, the bottle has its own system to remove salt from salt water, making sea water drinkable. With a small pumping system inside, the Puri effectively desalinates water, which could prove to be invaluable on a life raft or rescue boat.

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The slim, portable Puri water bottle takes up the same space that a normalwater bottle, only it houses an innovative system inside. The hand held bottle uses reverse osmosis technology to draw the saline out of the water and into the bottle’s yellow filter. The remaining water is then safe to drink, which could mean the difference between life and death in a sudden marine emergency. In the vein of  “water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink,” Puri can be a game changer on the open sea.

But it also has other uses. Taking the Puri bottle on a hike could let hikers replenish their water supply without having to turn back, and could also benefit thirsty vacationers who veer off the beaten path and onto remote beaches far from their hotels. And boaters and fisherman could make their own fresh water at sea should theirs run out during an extended trip. The Puri desalinating water bottle is convenient, but it could also save a life by combating dehydration. The team has entered the design as part of the 2013 IDEA Design Awards.

Via Yanko Design