Not long ago, we raved about Cargotecture’s ingenius cargo dwellings. Last week, the NY Times wrote about another cargo master, Adam Khalkin, who unveiled his new Push Button House at this week’s Art Basel Miami Beach.

The Push Button house is a single cargo container with motorized doors that open at the push of a button to reveal a plush interior. Khalkin has also designed a 3-bedroom house with five cargo containers called the Quik House and a mini version called the A-Pod. His own house is made of twelve cargo containers in an airport hangar shell (see below).

Though the corrugated orange exteriors of shipping containers are fairly unvaried, Khalkin makes up for the uniform exteriors with a limitless palette of interior options. As he said to the New York Times: “You come up with a core idea and then there are all of these spin-offs. It’s like making a good bomb. You want it to fragment into five thousand pieces, not just split in half.” This unexpected (and rather unsettling) analogy is on par with Khalkin’s generally eccentric and multifarious aesthetic, which comes through at his website – worth a look.


Thanks, Geoff!