Cabin Spacey’s Cabin One is a prefab micro-apartment you can put anywhere — on an apartment building roof or in the mountains. It comes pre-wired for lighting with heated floors and towel racks, a skylight and a membrane roof. All you need is a place to put it.

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A black cabin with large windows in the front

Where should you quarantine next? We wish we didn’t have to ask that question, but the truth is that the pandemic has given many people the opportunity to choose where they hunker down. Where better than the Cabin One? The Cabin One is created with spruce timber frame construction and cellulose insulation. It also has its own ventilation system. You’ll notice it has a bathroom, but the bed sits on top of storage space like you’d see in a tiny apartment in a city. The rest of the cabin, from the kitchen to the living area, is all open to the bedroom area. It’s a comfy setup for a couple on vacation or downsizing to a tiny home.

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A rendering of the inside of the cabin including a kitchen area and a bathroom and bed

The Cabin One has 25 square meters of space inside, which means just enough for a cozy wood-paneled retreat, whether that’s your main abode or a vacation getaway. The cabin can be customized with many details, equipped with solar, or taken off-grid. The designers will work with your architect to prepare the paperwork needed for a permit, depending on where you want to locate the home. Renewable raw materials were used to create the cabin. It also has a prefab construction, so you can have the whole thing finished and delivered on site without the mess and waste of on-site construction. A foundation must be in place with ready wiring on delivery of the Cabin One, which is delivered by crane onto the waiting base.

A sink and kitchen table area

“We have reduced the complexity of the construction industry to three important elements: comfort, quality and user experience,” said Designer Simon Becker. “We do not think in square meters, we think in features.”

Open windows toward a backyard from a living room area

Large windows, including a big slider door on the side, give the Cabin One a more expansive feel than many tiny homes. It creates the feeling of a modern, backwoods cabin. A small sink and induction burner give the kitchen surface a streamlined but functional feel. At the far end, past the loft bed, you’ll find a cozy bathroom with ceramic tiles.

A sleek black cabin with a front porch

We love the thick overhang on the end of the 10.10 meter-long interior, which both protect a bit from weather and serve as a pleasant design element. The Cabin One is 3.43 meters wide, with a total height of 3.69 meters, so there’s plenty of head room as well. The Cabin One model starts at $120,300. If you’re looking for a backyard studio apartment or a tiny vacation home, this is one to consider.

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