Unused and empty land can provide the perfect canvas for creative minds. That’s why we were excited to hear that throughout the summer of 2009, a temporary nine-hole golf course will occupy a vacant lot in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Its coordinators are soliciting artists, architects, and any other interested individuals to submit their design for one of the nine holes that explore the idea of urban sustainability, and winners will receive a $500 stipend to build and install their design.

Critiques, predictions, and other forms of urban examination are welcome, and all entries are encouraged to incorporate recycled and re-claimed materials. While the project aims to point out the potential of abandoned lots, the coordinators underline that the site is planned to be a fun and recreational destination for the surrounding neighborhood. More details can be found on The Putting Lot‘s website. All submissions are due by Monday, April 27th at 6 PM, so get cracking!

+ The Putting Lot