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403architecture was working on an overall renovation of the apartment, which included the repair of the bedroom. The original ceiling was dismantled to increase the overall height of the bedroom. Enough wood was recovered that the design team and the couple decided to make a new floor from the scraps. The wood was cut down into similarly sized thicknesses of wood and laid out over the floor as a substitute for a tatami mat. The timber offcuts vary in age, but all have a similar texture as a result of the cutting and the sanding, which gives the floor a unified look.

Like a giant Tetris puzzle, the new floor is both puzzling and hypnotic. Each piece was tightly fit into the space to creates a solid surface upon which to walk. The floor’s construction also minimizes the chance of warpage and acts as a noise barrier. The beauty of the project also lies in the act of connecting deconstruction with construction by using the ceiling to create the new floor.

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Images ©Kenta Hasegawa