Denis Parren‘s conceptual CMYK lamp questions how we percieve colors and light by casting multicolored strokes on walls. Unveiled at the latest edition of the Dutch Design Week, the lamp’s name comes from the famous Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) color scheme commonly used for printing. The cage-like hanging light fixture includes a LED disc that emits CMYK colors, which are then intercepted by white wires to reflect an opposing color of light on walls.

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Meassuring 25 X 25 X 20 inches, CMYK Lamp is energy efficient, experimental and very innovative. Its creator, Denis Parren, is a Design Academy of Eindhoven graduate who discovered that the reflected lines create a 3D form — hence the makeshift glasses.

“It is the light that colors the world” said Parren, “You can’t really say ‘that chair is red. Actually, the chair is reflecting red light while absorbing green and blue light.”

The enchanting CMYK Lamp highlights the fact that light is the only rightful owner of color.

+ Denis Parren

Via Experimenta

Photo © Denis Parren