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A security guard in a luxury hotel in Bali, Indonesia was strangled to death by a python. The victim, Ambar Arianto Mulyo, attempted to apprehend a python that was slithering from the bush across the street near the Bali Hyatt Hotel. Once Mulyo had trapped the snake, it wrapped itself around his body, and squeezed the life out of him as onlookers watched in horror.

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The python first appeared at around 3 a.m. on the site of the Bali Hyatt, which is closed for construction until 2015. The snake had become a regular sight near the hotel in the past week, so workers decided to attempt to trap it in order to keep working conditions safe. As the snake emerged from the bush to cross the road, the workers made their move.

Mulyo, a security guard not at the hotel but at a nearby restaurant, volunteered to grab the python. The guard managed to trap the snake’s head and tail, hoisting its body onto his shoulders. But before anyone could react, the python quickly wrapped itself around Mulyo and proceeded to strangle him. Sadly, no bystanders were able to help him in time and the 59 year old man died on sight. Witnesses say that the python escaped into the bushes and remains unfound after a police search. Pythons are not known to actively attack adult humans, but similar cases have been known to occur.

Via The Guardian