Music becomes a sustainable experience with Shepeleff Stephen’s solar-powered, bluetooth-connected Q-Sound (quantum sound) headphones. The Romanian engineering student’s sleek design combines flexible, hexagonal solar panels, wireless technology, and rotating earpieces for a futuristic yet practical product that powers itself on the go.

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Since the headphones are Bluetooth-enabled, they can connect wirelessly to MP3 devices, cell phones–anything with Bluetooth capability. That means you can chat with your friends and rock out to music without moving a muscle. The Q-Sound headphones can also connect to any audio device with a 3.5mm jack.

Each earphone contains two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to hold power derived from the Q-Sound’s solar panels. A single hour of sun provides 2.67 hours of power at maximum volume, and a fully charged headset can run for 40 hours.

Stephen hasn’t hinted at whether the Q-Sound will come to market, but we think it would be a hit among eco-savvy athletes, beach-goers, and anyone looking to untether their tunes from the grid.

Via Ecofriend