Q4 Architects recently unveiled the CORE House – a virtually indestructible tornado-proof home designed for communities in Missouri. The project features a 600 square foot indestructible concrete core and has spacious daylit rooms wrapped around it. The CORE House recently won first place in the tornado-resistant housing category in the Designing Recovery Competition.

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The competition organized by the American Institute of Architects, Make it Right, the St. Bernard Project and Architecture for Humanity called for new housing solutions for areas frequently affected by natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. Q4 Architects designed a house for communities like Joplin, Missouri, which have been stricken numerous times by tornadoes.

The Joplin house has beautiful, light-filled rooms with a porch, suitable for an average family. However, once the tornado alarm goes off, everyone can find shelter in the home’s core, which is sealed off with heavy-duty tornado doors and houses Murphy beds, a kitchen, bathroom and access to backup systems. The house could cost under $50,000 and would, in the case of a tornado, require only the outer layer to be rebuilt.

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+ Designing Recovery Competition

Via Slashdot, The Atlantic Cities