Electronic chip developer Qualcomm just announced plans to begin field trials of their revolutionary wireless electric vehicle charging system in London! The new wireless charger does away with cumbersome cables and once installed it’s a snap to use – simply drive over the charging pad and it will transmit energy to your EV’s battery.

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If there’s one major drawback to electric vehicles, it is the general lack of charging stations and the fact that powering up the batteries can take a long time. However Qualcomm’s WEVC technology aims to change all of that. The company has previously worked with Samsung to create a wireless charging standard, but the WEVC technology could be integrated on a much grander scale.

Qualcomm’s technology is based upon inductive power transfer – it uses two coils to create a magnetic field that transfers power from one device to another. The system consists of a specialized charging mat and a receiver that is installed on the underside of an EV. By installing a wireless charger at work and another on your driveway, it would be possible to keep your electric car’s battery packs continuously topped off.  Qualcomm has even suggested that road lanes could eventually be fitted with its wireless technology.

The trials, which are scheduled to take place in November, will see an adapted version of Formula 1 car designer Delta Motorsport’s E4 coupe electric car use charging pads placed at Qualcomm’s west London office (in the east of the city close to the Silicon Roundabout tech hub) and on the premises of the minicab company Addison Lee.

“Delta Motorsport has developed an advanced passenger EV that is a good platform to demonstrate our Qualcomm Halo Wireless EV Charging in pre-commercial deployments,” said Qualcomm Europe vice president of business development and marketing Anthony Thomson. “Delta brings high-performance automotive engineering design to the London WEVC trial and the Delta E-4 Coupe displays technology at the cutting edge of EV innovation.”

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Images: Qualcomm, Delta Motorsports