Electric cars are beginning to truly take root in the automotive world – but one persistent barrier to widescale adoption is the lack of charging infrastructure, which limits the mobility and practicality of the vehicles. Racing ahead of the competition, Quebec is considering a mandate that would require all homes to include an electric vehicle charging station. Policy makers in Quebec hope that such a dramatic move would jump-start the electric car in Canada.

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Although an EV charging mandate may sound expensive, it may not be as challenging to implement as it would seem. “It wasn’t standard in 1975. If you built a house today without an outlet for a dryer, no one would buy it,” says Quebec’s Transportation Minister Jacques Daoust. “We’re talking about a 30 ampere outlet. It’s not the end of the world.” An EV charging station installed in a new home would only increase the cost by around $400. In an older home, the installation of a charging station would cost $1500, $1000 of which would be subsidized by the government of Quebec. Upkeep costs for a station are relatively low at approximately $300 per year, assuming an annual mileage of 12,000.

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Quebec has already begun an initial impact study, to be published this summer, which will inform its future decisions. While such a move would be bold, it is not unprecedented. In 2013, Palo Alto, California passed a law that required all new homes to be fitted with an EV charging station. With companies in fierce competitionto produce a mass market electric car, it seems that it is only a matter of time before the electric vehicle becomes mainstream. Policies like the one being considered in Quebec will certainly speed up the process.

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