File this under – sure, but why? This cute-but-totally-gratuitous solar-powered birdhouse is made by OOOMS, Dutch designers of products like the Twig USB drive. During the day, a solar panel mounted on the roof charges a small interior battery. At night, the landing perch lights up in anticipation of bugs who are addicted to the glowing brightness of nightlights. The idea is that birds can use the light to attract their prey close to their bed for a nighttime snack. Sounds like a good idea, because who says birds shouldn’t enjoy some nighttime outdoor lighting?  We think this thing should be on a timer though — keeping a perch lit after 2 am is asking for a flock of birds starting some trouble.  Strangely enough, these solar birdhouses are hot-ticket items at Charles & Marie (sold out when we checked!), but you can find them for sale at the OOOMS website.

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via Notcot and Apartment Therapy