We love featuring brilliant designs made from discarded items, and these illuminating eco-lamps by designer Luis Teixeira are certainly worth noting. Using what the designer refers to as “secondary-raw materials”, Teixeira focuses in on showing people how beautiful designs can be made from a whole host of unwanted objects. Teixeira readapts items found in everything from offices to industrial plants to create his quirky and inspired lamp designs.

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In addition to focusing on the necessity for adaptive reuse, Teixeira also incorporates an element of social responsibility in his work. For instance, his “NOOVA” model, manufactured using plastic underwear hangers, is produced by inmates in a female prison. By doing so Teixeira helps inmates develop new trade skills, earn money, and increase their self-esteem.

For more details and designs visit Teixeira’s Facebook portfolio.

+ Luis Teixeira

Images courtesy of Luis Teixeira