Following three of Inhabitat’s favorite principles – recycle, re-use, revive – Maria McCormick reinvents the artisan element of jewellery design with these beautiful strings of button necklaces. Collecting the abandoned buttons from the floor of her father’s factory, Maria recovers items that would otherwise lay gathering dust until they were swept up with the trash. She washes and sorts through the discarded buttons and meticulously selects each one by hand.

The buttons are threaded onto steel wire and clasped with a silver button to give them that extra touch of style. A humble range of longer necklaces – made up of over 600 buttons – that can be doubled up or hung low, and a selection of shorter necklaces, Maria’s designs keeps things simple and succinct, focusing instead on the wide range of colours to organize. Coming in a small natural leather pouch. This modest jewellery can be found at handpicked which scours and sources artisan designs to promote and sell.

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