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Quotel looks anything but budget. The team, who operate under the name Mode:Lina Architektura and Consulting, created a custom, high-end looking space, despite their limited budget. Easy and affordable IKEA furniture was used in the rooms and Mode:Lina also used low cost plywoodto build furnishings, shelving, benches and dividers, which can easily be removed and reused, or scrapped.

Clusters of light bulbs act as chandeliers in the common areas and recycled shelves and secondhand furniture also add to the character of Quotel, without putting a burden on the budget. Since the hotel is in an unoccupied apartment, there are common areas such as a living room and a kitchen, which guests are also encouraged to use.

To continue with the custom feel, Mode:Lina added quirky sayings to a wall in each room. “A big blanket makes a person sleep late” is printed across one of the guest rooms, which includes two twin beds, while “Are you hungry?” greets guests on their way to the kitchen.

Quotel provides fair-goers with a homey place to rest their heads after a long day of stomping through the 13,000+ booths, and can easily be converted back into a residence when the fair has passed!

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