The classic Volkswagen Camper Van has been given custom paint jobs for almost as long as it’s been around. Admittedly, the vast majority of those alterations done by the free-loving, tie-dyed and Deadhead crowds. But mimaki cg60—an Instructables user in Brazil—had slightly different plans for his family’s beaten up VW; as he puts it, after a marathon viewing of Star Wars he found exactly the droid he was looking for. About 50 hours of Photoshop work went into recreating all of R2-D2‘s various components, which were then printed onto vinyl to provide a modular custom car wrap. The project isn’t quite finished yet—so if you have thoughts on hubcaps, or whether or not a Millennium Falcon should be added atop the bus, head over to mimaki cg60’s Instructables page!


Image via mimaki cg60