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The 1,240,000 square foot tower is a concrete-encased steel mega-braced organized around a central courtyard that emphasizes community. The brace supports a shelf-like matrix of walls and floor slabs that define each unit. A wooden shell containing a bathroom on one side and a kitchen on another is inserted into the shelf. A moveable wall, comprised of a bed, nightstands, couch, tv mount, lights and storage, shifts within the unit to create a bedroom or living room.

A high-performance façade composed of frameless IGUs emphasizes the exterior views and interior black-out and shade rollers control sunlight and glare. Meanwhile, the interior façade, which is also composed of frameless IGUs and equipped with black-out and shade roller blinds—provides spatial relief and a sense of community. This is further enhanced by mini-pods that extend from the building toward the courtyard.

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