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Anonymous artist group LuzInterruptus rattled the crowds at Hamburg’s Dockville Festival with a haunting installation that reminds us of the dangers of nuclear power. The Spanish collective is known for creating guerilla LED light installations throughout the streets of Madrid that they call “interventions.” Their work often features slightly illuminated everyday materials and figures that would otherwise go unnoticed.

This particular intervention titled “Radioactive Control” consists of 100 decontamination suits propped up like scarecrows, each illuminated with tiny LED lights. The arrangement of suits forms what looks like a small army. Certainly an artistic intervention, the piece literally sheds light on the hazards of nuclear energy. The harrowing presence of these figures encourages reflection and thought about the consequences of using nuclear power and how radioactive wastecan and has invaded our environment.

The installation is set against a rural landscape and has a haunting effect on visitors, who can walk through the arrangement and immerse themselves in the formation, standing face to face with the figures. They may wonder if this could be our future, and whether we should get used to seeing this? Irony does not fall short of this project however, as Germany was the first developed country to announce the abolition of nuclear power by the year 2022.

LuzInterruptus is interested in the ephemeral aspects of making art as well. Something that may disappear in days or weeks can leave an impression forever. Similarly, world issue can be headline news one day and forgotten the next. The exhibition will stand for 30 days, withstanding the weather.

The illuminated figures could also be seen as a sort of vigil for those lost in nuclear disasters. The sheer number of radiation-related deaths is something difficult to ignore.

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