While we’d never thought of it before, it turns out that our favorite building blocks also make for excellent lamp shades that cast fun patterns of shadow and light onto the surrounding walls. Named “oLe KiRk” after the inventor of LEGOs, these fascinating fixtures are at once modernist, vivid and delightful. CreatorDaniela Pavone made the lamps in a variety of designs and effects—from a geometric abstraction based on the work of Modernist painterPiet Mondrian to a haunting depiction of the twin towers and the NYC skyline.

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We all know about the versatility of LEGOs – from kitchen counters to entire houses, the bright little brick so many of us have grown up with is becoming a great accessory for home design and a plethora of other applications. These lamps take on a simple, restrained cube form but birth a surprisingly rich variety of designs using light that are much more than just the sum of the colorful blocks themselves.

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