Greenpeace is hard at work in Germany building a purpose-built — meaning something that is designed from the ground up for its intended job –sailboat to aid in their environmental work around the world. When it is finished the new Rainbow Warrior will be one of the greenest sailboats ever constructed. The new Rainbow Warrior, like its predecessors, will be used to protest and raise awareness about environmental destruction around the world. Forget about Whale Wars, Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior wrote the book on pesky protesting well before that show ever launched, and this new boat will help carry on that legacy.

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This new ship will be the third in a line of vessels that have been used to fight for Mother Earth. The first Rainbow Warrior — originally a trawler owned by the British government — was sunk by French intelligence agencies while organizing to protest the country’s nuclear testing in French Polynesia. The second Rainbow Warrior, a schooner, is in desperate need of retirement after 52 years at sea — 21 with the environmental organization — and the new ship will take over protest duties in September of this year. The new boat will be driven by roughly 4,300 square feet of sail and will include a greywater system and technology to recycle heat from the engine to warm the cabins and hot water.

The newly built Rainbow Warrior will sail the seas looking for illegal shipments of timber and unlawful fishing operations and will attempt to collect evidence that can be used to prosecute and eventually halt the destructive operations. They’ll also attempt to raise awareness for clean energy while their activists set out to stop shipments of coal from traveling the ocean. The new vessel will allow Greenpeace to carry on their environmental stewardship while keeping their own impact on the oceans as low as possible. Head over to their website to donate to the operation – you can help buy anything from a life raft to a railing for the deck and be a part of Greenpeace’s mission to stop destruction around the world.

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