A new web series, “An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change”, will help shift viewers’ understanding of climate change from theoretical to terrifyingly real. Actor Rainn Wilson, well-known for his role as Dwight in “The Office”, takes viewers along as he visits what he calls “Ground Zero for climate change.”

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Wilson is a funny and relatable guide through the six-part series that charts his course from “well-intentioned, but uninformed, liberal” to devoted climate activist. Wilson takes viewers along to global climate marches and conferences, the melting Greenland ice sheet and an Icelandic Toyota factory that is trying to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Along the way, he talks to leading climate scientists and global activists, including Greta Thunberg, arctic scientist David Hik, astronomer and climate activist Sævar Helgi Bragason, atmospheric scientist Jennifer Francis and Future Coalition’s executive director Katie Eder.

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Rainn Wilson in Greenland

“Before our current devastating pandemic, I took a trip to Greenland with some climate scientists to explore that other devastating future pandemic — climate change,” Wilson said. “I knew nothing about climate science and global warming, and I’d never seen a glacier before. The amazing, fun, and terrifying journey seen in ‘An Idiots Guide to Climate Change’ really opened my eyes. It was my idiotic way of exploring this extremely non-idiotic issue.”

Wilson is co-founder of the content studio SoulPancake, which has more than 1 billion video views on its digital platforms and has won several web video awards. The studio is known for its Instagram live series, “Hey There, Human”, which was created as a response to COVID-19 stay-at-home orders.

New episodes of “An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change” will premiere every Tuesday on the SoulPancake Youtube Channel. You can view the trailer here.

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