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Glenhope House, JOH Architects, rammed earth wall, vacation house, melbourne, rainwater collection

Three wings form the Glenhope House – a master living suite, bedrooms and the living/dining/kitchen area. The two private wings wrap around a circular driveway with two shaded parking spaces and the entry sits in the middle of the driveway with a mudroom and the washroom situated on either side. From there you enter a long gallery or hallway that access each of the three wings. To the west is another wing with three bedrooms and a bathroom, while to the east is the master suite with a study, master bedroom and bathroom. Next to the gallery is a long rammed earth wall that serves as the backbone to the public areas. When the entire family is in attendance, all three wings are opened and used, but if there are only a couple people, the bedroom wing is closed off.

The public space is covered with a large timber trussed roof covered in corrugated metal, which provides ample shade for the space below. Facing north, the living, kitchen, dining and decks take in sun and are filled with natural daylight. The exterior of the home is clad with stone, natural timber cladding and cement board, which are all low maintenance, durable and long lasting. Finally, rainwater is collected from the roofs and stored in two large cisterns at the end of the bedroom wings and used in the house. The Glenhope House respects the views as well as the climate and was designed to be low maintenance and flexible for the family.

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Images ©Dianna Snape, JOH Architects