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rAndom International’s latest piece, “Future Self” (2012), is made from thousands of hanging LEDs. 3D cameras react to visitors’ movements to create a light sculpture that reveals our own identities and bodies. In a similar (albeit 2-dimensional) way “You Fade To Light” reflect the viewer’s movements in a pixellated OLED screen that slowly dissolves into radiant light.

“Study of Time” is an illuminated autonomous algorithm that displays a digital clock to explore the relationship between human creations like time, light and shadow. rAndom International’s “Swarm Light” mixes LEDs hanging from polished brass rods with custom circuits boards, custom driver software and hardware, a behavioral algorithm, sound / motion sensors and a computer interface to represent “collective consciousness”. All this technology is able to emulate group behavior (e.g. birds’) found in nature and represent it with moving light.

As explained on their website: “We attempt to simulate the natural by reducing the subtleties of behavior down to the minimum required for recognition to explore our own, human, existence.”

+ rAndom International

+ Paris Design Week 2012

Photo © Ana Lisa Alperovich for Inhabitat