Multiple is a sculptural table that reveals its full potential when a user begins to manipulate its shape. Designed by Brussels-based Raphaël Charles, the table consists of a series of locally sourced beech poles that are attached to one another using magnets. Low-tech, transformable and adaptable, this is the ultimate coffee table. Multiple can be seen up close at Giovanna Massoni’s Memorabilia exhibition during the Reciprocity Design Liege Biennale (Belgium) — it starts in only a few days!

Raphaël Charles, Reciprocity Design Liege Biennale, Giovanna Massoni, multifunctional, transforming furniture, table, beech poles, green furniture, Transforming Furniture, Belgium

Multiple coffee table can be playfully shaped into infinite arrangements and multiple sections, suiting changing needs, functions and rooms. It is made from long-lasting lacquered solid beech and is 15-in high.

The award winning design is also part of the Belgian royal family’s private collection.

+ Raphaël Charles

+ Reciprocity Design Liege Biennale

Photo © Raphaël Charles