Cairo woke up to a white, wintry surprise Friday morning when snowfall blanketed the typically hot and dry capital for the first time in over a century. Excited Egyptians eagerly took to Twitter, posting incredible pictures of the unusual winter wonderland and sparking others to question if climate change was to blame. The rare precipitation coupled with the recent cold snap also brought snowfall to other countries including Turkey, Syria and Israel.

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According to local reports, the freak storm named Alexa brought snow to Cairo for the first time in 112 years. The rare storm forced the city to close down their roads and schools, creating a massive snow day that gave residents a chance to enjoy their first ever snowball fight and snowmen. Bundled up in beanies and jackets, people snapped bizarre photos from camels sitting in snow to mini snow replicas of Egyptian pyramids and Sphinxes.

Not everyone enjoyed the novelty of the snow, however. The below-zero temperatures and icy conditions have been particularly harsh on the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees living in snow-covered Lebanon. The freezing weather also delayed urgently needed food and aid airlift from Iraq to displaced families in Syria.

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Images via yamama shaka, MishaZand