Stormwatcher James Chambers was whale watching at the beach when he happened to capture an amazing sight on video: a rare glimpse of a white humpback whale, surfacing just off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Avid whale watchers speculate that Chambers’ video shows the world-famous Migaloo, one of the few white whales in the world. Avid whale watchers like to follow Migaloo as he travels north along the Australian coast, and a news helicopter spotted the whale shortly after Chambers, and posted the amazing footage on Twitter. There has been a lot of speculation since the two sightings as to the true identity of the majestic white giant, but the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection hasn’t been able to confirm that the whale in the videos is Migaloo. Chambers says on his YouTube page that he spotted seven or eight whales at the beach that day, but we’re guessing this humpback was his favorite. After all, it was his white whale.

Via Mashable

Images via James Chambers and News 7