As winter arrives and the temperatures plummet, many of us are trying to take advantage of the sun while it still shines. With that in mind, RavenBrick has developed a new type of nanotech wall that absorbs sunlight throughout the day and slowly releases heat into your home at night. The system could potentially lead to ultra-efficient homes that eliminate the need for central heating, significantly cutting carbon emissions.

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The innovative smart wall uses phase-changing materials that, at the molecular level, slowly transfer heat from the home’s exterior to its interior. It’s not be the first innovative, energy-reducing system coined by RavenBrick — in the past they have also developed windows that change tint as the sun gets brighter. However this smart wall could potentially transform how we heat our homes, and may even reduce our heating bills to practically nothing!

The crucial element in the smart wall’s design is a set of materials that control the flow of energy through the system. The conversion of sunlight to infrared energy can be easily achieved, however if a building is well insulated then you may wish to reduce the amount of heat that comes in through the walls — otherwise during the hotter months of the year, you could potentially roast the inhabitants. However Ravenbrick’s smart wall can be pre-programmed to only allow heat in at certain temperatures.

If the technology is successful, it could transform building design. Currently a patent is pending on this remarkable construction material.

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