Warnings about the possibility of robots turning on their owners have been floating around for years, and it would appear that such fears are justified. A 52-year-old South Korean woman was forced to call the fire department to help free her from the dust-encrusted jaws of her robot vacuum cleaner after it tried to eat her in her sleep.

Robot Vacuum

The small, disc-shaped vacuum cleaner had been programmed to scoot around the woman’s home to clean up any dust and detritus before returning to its charging dock. On this fateful day, the lady happened to fall asleep on the floor, and her vacuum decided that she was “clutter”, and started to chow down on her hair. She called the fire department and they were able to remove the robot before it devoured her head, and according to reports, she sustained no serious injuries during her ordeal.

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Warnings about the impending robot apocalypse have been flying around since the first Terminator movie came out, and the actions of this rebellious Roomba-like sweeper may be the first of many to occur. Is the woman who nearly had her head gnawed off by her helper bot simply a canary in a robot overlord coal mine? Hard to say, but we should probably stay vigilant.

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Lead image by Kyunghyang Shinmun, additional image via Shutterstock