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Hammar acquires scrap metal pieces from farms, boat marinas, and other industrial companies, which often donate the pieces to him. Using his expert eye, he then transforms old metal pipes, doorknobs, bike chains, and scraps into gorgeous sculptural pieces. Metal worked gates, benches, and pavilions can be found in both private yards and public parks in the Sequim area. Scrap metal tubing is also transformed into innovative railings for both indoors and out, bringing a unique character to client’s homes.

His indoor sculptural pieces are more detailed, sometimes giving hints of their past lives. Bike chains and gears are welded to create votive candle holders, a perfect gift for bicycle enthusiasts. Hammar also transforms old door knobs into quirky holders for thick candles. His abstract pieces blur the lines between form and function, adding a sculptural element to any room. The abstracts can also be topped with a flat metal plane, creating an artsy end table.

Aside from a commitment to recycled materials, Hammar is also altruistic. He donates many of his pieces for use by various charities and also donates a percentage of his sales to charities that help animal welfare. By giving back, Hammar hopes to inspire others to recycle, buy local, and support charity.

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