Rayworks Design recent design submission of a regenerative walkway and public display system to the Taipei International Design Competition 2014 (TIDC 2014) has some serious potential. The walkway structure features a photovoltaic regenerative roof with a multi-purpose design that could fit easily at a roadside, beach side or bus or rail shelter.

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Tony Thomas of Rayworks Design says the “public display systems” will be integrated into the structure” to be used for “information display such as regional information, transportation, tourist attractions etc.” It could even house a gallery or exhibition in a night tech version of street art. The structure consists of a concrete base and turbine housings, aluminum fittings, plexiglass and carbon composite materials at roof level that make use of materials elegantly and efficiently.

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The electricity required to power the system is generated from the photovoltaic roof covering, which is in fact part of the roof itself. The photovoltaics are semi transparent and colored to allow a variety of light to filter into the underside of the structure. This is described as “ambient lighting and shade” by Rayworks Design. If that weren’t enough, the structure is designed to house fully integrated wind turbines that are lightweight, vertical axis generators. This not only adds much needed power for displays and maybe even vehicle charging, but also add visual interest to a long thin low structure. The turbines however, are optional, so they can be fitted or omitted depending on the local climate and building pattern. The turbines, say Rayworks Design, are “best suited in very open areas like beach side or marinas.”


All images via Tony Thomas